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  • You can shop directly from the Driftwood & Glitter website, Instagram account, Facebook page or shop our warehouse in Manlius, NY at The Yard. The warehouse will have weekly hours for pickups + perusing or make a shopping appointment by emailing Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for weekly hours.

  • ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED AS MARKED! We work REALLY hard to buy low so we can keep prices reasonable for you! As with all vintage and pre-loved items, there might be a minor ding or dent. We have accounted for that. We don’t haggle. We won’t haggle. Don’t make it weird.

  • If you need to see the goods in person before you buy online, Driftwood & Glitter can hold prospective purchases for 24hr holds ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS! There is usually a wait list for items and we don’t want to keep the next buyer waiting. List will be made in order messages are received. Please message v.i.a. Instagram, Facebook, or email if you wish to place item on hold. We’ll do our best to find a time within the next 24hrs. that works for everyone.

  • If an item doesn’t work out, it may be returned IN THE CONDITION YOU PURCHASED IT within 10 days for STORE CREDIT ONLY. We do our best to give you plenty of unfiltered, true-to-life photos with oodles of dimensions and measurements. Need more angles? Cool. We’ll send more pics right over. Or come see us! We have weekly pickup / perusing hours but if you need to sneak in during off hours, shoot us a message. PLEASE shop wisely. WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY CASH / CREDIT REFUNDS.